Five things making me happy right now

1. These placemats from Anthropologie.  Does anyone know how to make those wee pom-poms?

2. These YouTube videos in which a sewing machine mechanic explains all the pieces of sewing machines and also how to maintain your sewing machine.

3.  Friends who think it is fun to help you with your carpentry projects and show up with routers and expertise.

(Which quickly leads to…)
4. A sturdy new sewing table.

5. And I musn’t forget the glories of spring! Hello spring, I’m so happy you are here!

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  1. I adore wind chimes! 🙂
    Your five things are delightful. I agree on all of them.
    The wee pom-poms look like a circle of fabric with zig-zagged edges and a tuft of batting tied into the end. What do you think?
    The green quilt is charming and made even more so by your post card questionaire.
    Create on!

  2. I bought those placemats specifically for the pom-poms. I don't think it's really that complicated. Can probably get inexpensive (white prbly best) pom-poms from the craft store, wrap in a little circle of fabric and stitch close to the pom-pom itself. Then you can stitch the whole thing to the top of a project with embroidery thread or between seems- I have an Anthro tea towel that does that, which I just want to eat up.

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