Fabric Stacks 1

I think I finally got this fabric pile right.

It just needed that shot of blue.  And, you know, for Joel Dewberry to release his new line (that’s where the  bottom fabric came from).

Part of my design process is leaving stacks of fabric around the house.  I think a lot of quilters do this…leave fabrics combinations out, letting them be seen by the corner of one’s eye at odd moments, because the corner of one’s eye knows things the rest of it may not.  And odd moments, well, those are the best moments, aren’t they?

I’m teaching two friends of mine to quilt and our first meeting was Saturday.  Mostly we talked about picking fabrics.  My piles came in very useful for illustrating how I find what works for me and how you have to look past the prettiness of any given print to see the role it will play in a quilt. I kept pulling my piles down, shuffling them around, pulling out important fabrics and then putting them back in.  I’m not sure how much my friends learned from it, but I had fun and they did make excellent choices when we went to the fabric store.

I’ve always tried to make my own fabric combinations rather than rely on fabric designers to do it for me.  To me it is just a way to dig down deeper into the design element of quilting.  Using fabrics that are all from the same line has always posed two problems: (1) I miss the fun of putting the colors and patterns together myself, and (2) the quilt ends up looking too commercial/corporate/mass produced for my taste.

However, sometimes, I’m sorely tempted make a quilt wholly or mostly from one fabric line. Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics have been known to affect me thus.  And Cloud 9’s upcoming line “Beyond the Sea” is also just so well combined and fresh and lovely that it begs to be a quilt on its own.

Holy gorgeousness, right? LOVE IT!

I’ve been swamped with work and migraine-addled, so not much quilting progress has been made other than late night shuffling around in the stash and adjusting of piles, but I am about to have this quilt finished…

It just needs its binding.

And I’ve cut into my Beyond the Sea fabrics (yep, yep, I talked my way into getting them before the official release…why?  I’ll tell you later!)

I hope to find time for actual sewing soon.  If not, I can always get my daily quilting fix by making a few more piles!

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  1. Gorgeous stack! I totally agree with you about the quilts from one fabric line. The colors blend too well.

    BTW, I can't start my day without Fresh Modern Quilts on Flickr. I have been addicted to it since last summer. I recently joined Brighton Modern Quilters and noticed that you belong too. I couldn't believe you also live in Ann Arbor! What are the odds? I tend to think of the internet as connecting people from all over the world, but it is fun to know some of them are just around the corner! Thanks for brightening my day.

  2. See, and I was going to suggest that your Beyond the Sea fabrics needed a touch of pink, just like your top pile needed the blue.

    And, I totally agree with everything else. Not a fan of pre made fabric selections.

  3. Oh yes, I am in total agreement. You must be able to choose all your own fabrics. Although the fabric line designers do a fabulous job, I would end up choosing one from that line and another from . . . . .

  4. I also agree. I feel like it is kind of a waste of creative time to use fabrics from all the same line. This is why having a stash is so impt!

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