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It feels good to get some stuff done.

I got a lot of stuff done this week.  Including picking up this print from the framing shop. The print is from Mary Kate McDevitt’s etsy shop.  It was $10 for a signed limited edition.  A steal I tell you, a steal!  (You’ll notice the shipping cost on this poster is high, I recommend asking the seller to send it by a slower method. She can and will.)

The frame is a $13 jobby from Home Goods.  And the mat and mount cost less than $15. Sweet.  Picking out the mat was hilarious.  Because I wanted turquoise.  Which is not the conventional thing for a mustard print.  The lovely owner and operator of Art Spoken didn’t take much convincing though.  I told her, “I know it’s the wrong thing, I just want to see it.” Once we put this mat on the print and saw how lovely the mustard looked and that it made the eggplant look eggplant (it read as black with other colors), she was sold. I’m so pleased to have this beautiful motivational print!  It is so right: it does feel good to get stuff done!

I’ve got a week of more-or-less free time while my committee reads my dissertation so I’m going to get some quilty stuff done!  Luckily, Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is rallying anyone who is interested to get some things done, so I’m going to join in.  Thanks for the kick in the butt Jacquie!

spring to finish big

This is what I plan on accomplishing by May 31st.
Jacquie suggested that we think of how we would reward ourselves.  Mmmm…rewards.

The Picnic Quilt.
This has been in this state for like 9 months. Time to quilt!
Reward: a picnic, of course!

The Methods Quilt top needs to be finished.
Reward: Letting the long-armer quilt this one.

Custom quilt
Reward: Getting paid.


Catching up on the quilting bee.
Reward: Beer.

The Code Quilt…I’m going to try to get the center of the top done so I can start to figure out the border.
Reward: Ice Cream Cake

Dye fabric for The Full Stop Quilt
Reward: Hand-dyed fabric is its own reward!

Cover for the bin thingy
Reward: A new album.  I’m thinking Daft Punk or The Sounds.

Another Dye 101 tutorial.
Reward:  Beer.

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  1. Just remember, beer after quilting… never before! LOL

    You have some great projects going; I'll be excited to see them finished.

    Jennifer 🙂

  2. Hey there, I linked from the flickr group, and I noticed you were sort of in my area. I'm in Sterling Heights…

    I typically make the treck down to Guildcrafters, but are there any other places in the area that you like?

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