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Giveaway Day

It’s Giveaway Day over at Sew, Mama Sew! and I’m joining in on the fun!

Up for grabs is this assortment of plexiglass shapes from my etsy shop.

That’s one pair each of…1×5″ bars, 3″ ovals, 2×2.75″ rectangles, 3.5″ reverse twinkles, 2″ circles, 3″ circles, 2″ squares, 2″ triangles, and 3″ traingles.

Don’t know what these are for?
The short answer is they are for patterning fabric with dye or bleach.  Like this:

before ————–>   after

A longer answer lies here.

To enter, comment on this post.
You can just say hi, but if you have any recommendations for birthday presents for 82-year-old women, I’ll take them!

The winner will be drawn randomly on May 20.

 Good luck!

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  1. These look like fun. How I would love to try. As for the present – I just knitted my grandmother a pair of socks and a big stole. She was extremely grateful. Now she wants a new bag to wear to her womens club.

  2. I just dyed my first fabric this weekend! I can't wait to explore more and I love your process!

    No one ever complains about receiving chocolate! πŸ™‚

  3. How about a lap quilt or a certificate for working in her garden?? Stamps and notecards?? Just don't give her a knick knack. By 82 you have a lifetime of knick knacks to dust!

  4. Oh these are WICKED cool ~ I'd love to give them a try!

    How about a lovely scarf made from AMH Good Folks cotton voile? It's wide fabric so you only need 9.5 inches of it ;0)

  5. Wow, I've never seen these before – what a great idea. For my gran's birthday, I made her a photobook (she lives in a nursing home, and can't come and visit to see what I've been up to, so I thought she could enjoy some photos of my exploits instead).

  6. Lovely! As for 82 year old women, one woman of a similar age once asked me to track down some cassette tapes that were for a walking workout. If she's interested in being active, some gentle workout tapes/dvds might be nice.

  7. I'm just getting into fabric dying/bleaching–thanks! this would be an awesome way to start!
    Pick me Mr. Random number generator!! Ooohhh, Pick me!!

  8. Oh now I don't enter all that many giveaways, but this this one I'm entering! And don't 82 year old women LOVE quilts??

  9. I would go with something colorful for her room. Or edible. Even if I don't win, I'm going to check this out and try plexi resists.

  10. What a great giveaway! I'd love to win and try my hand at itajime with all this Procion dye I have lying around. Birthday gift for an 82 year old? Hmm… my grama loves flowering plants, especially orchids.

  11. Hi! I used to always give my elderly aunt lotions and soaps and when she died & I cleaned out her apartment I could have set up a store! She never used them! I know my mom (89) is always cold, so I try to give her warm slippers, shawls, sweaters or small quilts-that at least gets enjoyed & used!

  12. Oh, not THAT is a cool technique! I would say – take her out for a day doing something she loves! Stuff becomes less important, but experiences last forever!

  13. Once I tried to use some ceramic tile scraps for a resist when dying. It didn't work so good. When you cranked down on the C-clamps they would break easily. Present for a 82 year old – postage stamps, resturant gift cards, or if she still drives, prepaid gas cards.

  14. Oh I would love to win these – it would be just the push I need to start doing crazy things to fabric! Might I suggest some fancy soap and some nail polish? Girls of any age just want to be pretty and smell nice!

  15. What a cool giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! I just made my grammy a coin purse for Mother's day and she is 84. I don't really have any other suggestions though! Thanks again!

  16. Pictures! Something you can make at!
    I love this giveaway, it's such a great idea!
    Greetings from Chile!

  17. Those would be fun to play and experiment with. I've never done anything like that.

    Here are some gifts I've given my Grandmother that she has loved.

    1) Lap quilt
    2) Market bag with her favorite colors
    3) Art supplies. (she's crafty too) ; )

  18. Great prize. Glad I found your blog. 82 can be tricky. Tea cosy seems too obvious. A dyed market bag. Thanks for the chance. Seriously considering your 'process pledge'.

  19. these shapes are awesome! i would love to try out fabric dying and discharging. my grandma's favorite presents are small handheld photo albums filled with current photos of my family and my kids (the albums hold 36 photos and can be carried in a purse). thanks for this generous giveaway!

  20. I've been wanting to try this forever! Ever since I read Malka Dubrowsky's tute. I'd love to try, but don't know if I would be so brave as to use Lizzy Dish, maybe some non-designer fabric first.

  21. What a cool giveaway!! I have never dyed fabric before but would like to try some day.

    for the 82 grandmother, something homemade but something with pictures…so she can look at them and remember you!

  22. cool idea with the plexiglass! As for an 82 year old grandmother, I think that any gift with pictures of her family would be appreciated or some kind of birthstone jewelry.

  23. Wow – I have looked at dying / bleaching fabric but had NOT thought of leaving an area. It looks amazing! As for an 82yr old – I made my Grandma (81) a simple lace scarf from 1 ball of kid silk haze as she can't wear anything heavy around her neck due to blood pressure problems. Hope that helps!

  24. My neighbor is 82 years old, and has trouble seeing and can't drive anymore. What she likes most is someone coming over to see her, or someone taking her out to eat somewhere–she says she gets so tired of sitting home and cooking/eating the same things over and over. She has a closet full of slippers, rooms full of knick-knacks, drawers full of fancy soaps & lotions, and doesn't enjoy taking care of plants or flowers anymore. Great giveaway, would love to win!

  25. Hi – my favourite 90 year old says if she can't eat it or drink it, she doesn't want it! (Although she doesn't turn her nose up at knitting yarn). Thanks for the chance.

  26. I have loved the hand dyed projects that I have seen Malka of stitchindye do, and I would love to give it a try. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! My Mother-in-Law is 82 and she is trying to de-junkify her life. Gifts of time are *always* appreciated. A date to go to the garden shop, or to take her to the local Botanical Garden, for example.

  28. Thanks for the new idea on using bleach. As for the birthday gift, I would go with a good book or some good chocolates. Those are a perfect gift for anyone. Thanks.

  29. My own gramma has told me she likes getting edible gifts best because she's accumulated enough stuff already. I always ask if there's anything she needs, though, and try to get her that as well as something nice or different to eat/drink.
    That's a very nice assortment of shapes!

  30. Local food was always a hit with my great-grandma… I live in Virginia, and she in Michigan, so I'd bring her some special Virginia treats when I came home πŸ™‚
    lucasbeth [at] gmail [dot] com


    I now need these shapes to make the aprons I sew even more incredible.Its a whole new creative outlet!

  32. Well, cool! I've never tried that but it looks neat.

    I can also think of at least a dozen other uses for those shapes… πŸ˜‰

  33. Why not use your templates and make her a lap quilt. Hubby's Mom is in Assisted Living and she usually has a lap quilt laying on her bed or over her legs. WOW, I have hand dyed wool (Easy Peasy) but I have never tried to dye cotton, this might be my big chance. Thanks for sharing.

  34. i have never seen anything like this technique! LOVE IT!!! and that print… i used some of that line to make dinner napkins:) crossing my fingers i win this one – this technique i've got to try!

    stephanie dot e dot carroll at gmail dot com

  35. Great idea for giveaway. I'll use! I used to give my Mother in law something little hand made – she always loved new hot pads, trimmed towels, etc. and then a luncheon date to her a place she liked to go. I miss those days, as she passed away 2 years ago this month. good luck. thanks, jo in MN

  36. Wow, I would never have thought of using plexiglass to put on fabric before bleaching! What a great idea.

    Hmm…as for presents for 82 year olds…when my dear grandma was alive she loved to receive handbags/purses in her favourite style (the bag loving gene runs strong in the females of my family, LOL). She also loved knitted or winter coats since she wasn't so good with cold weather (understandably since she lived most of her life in Singapore).

    debyeo at hotmail dot com

  37. I'd never heard of plexi glass – I'm off to read all about it – the results look really interesting!


    My Ma in law is 82 and for her birthday we bought her a variety of bird feeders and bird food so she could watch them from her chair

  38. My mother is going to be 80-something (can't quite remember, oops!) in a couple of months. She likes green things and tunics, so I thought I might make her one of Make It Perfect's Shearwater kaftans, in a nice green print. I have some Anna Maria Horner in green so maybe it'll be that!

  39. Hi! Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to try this.
    As for the gifts, I say make-up or perfume. Little old ladies like to be pretty, too, and they don't tend to be thought of that way.

  40. thanks for a chance, i love your work, and would enjoy giving this fabric dying art a try! birthday gifts for 82 year old? easy. your time. sit with her, talk with her, ask her about your childhood, make lunch together, take a walk…i sooooo miss my grandmother and i know that these things we did together meant more than any 'gift' i could every give her! oh, i guess if you are not in same location, a long phone call? mid morning…before nap!! thanks for a chance.

  41. I've been ogling shapes like that on fabric-dying blogs for a while now…

    How about a symbolic adoption at world wildlife fund? The recipient feels like they did something good and the money goes to protect habitat (as opposed to saving a single species) through WWF. Check the wwf site in your country.

  42. What a unique giveaway πŸ™‚ I guess the gift for the 82 year old would be something that suits her interests…does she like any arts and crafts???


  43. Ooo this is so great! Thanks for the giveaway! As for the birthday present, I made my 82-year-old grandmother a patchwork blanket for Christmas, she loved it! My mom said she was tearing up when she got it (I wasn't there, my mom had given it to her).

  44. I'd love to try these. I recently got my 80 yr old Grandma a childs teaset, now she plays tea nearly every day with her great-grandkids.

    silkaphyllis at

  45. I would love to have a play with these! Thanks for the chance to win them πŸ™‚ as for the present – a mystery trip out somewhere – either to the type of place you know she would like (a park, place to eat etc) or something completly new – a 3D film or football game!

  46. I've heard of this process a bit, but never played with it. Looks like a lot of fun. My grandma is about that age and she loves the rice heat therapy pad I made for her at Christmas – she's always cold so she says she heats in up in the microwave everything and sleeps with it. I made her another one a couple of months ago with a removable washable cover in a different shape/size.

  47. nice giveaway

    bday present ideas – for people that have everything, take them out – shopping / dinner

    buy them something unusual (i once bought my mother hand knit fingerless gloves)

  48. oh that's super cool – I can see tons of uses for them! hmm – a gift for an 82 year old woman? depends on who it is… voucher for her favorite store with lunch and shopping help included πŸ™‚

  49. I've been 'dying' to try this technique πŸ˜‰
    Birthday gift. I'm going to go obvious here…a lap quilt. She'd totally appreciate the work put into it.

  50. Hmmm…that is very interesting. This would be a new craft for me. On the birthday gift…I made my grandmother a quilt with handprints of everyone in the family along with circles for each of those who had already passed.

  51. This is a very interesting and unique giveaway. And now you've got me intrigued and I'd love to try this out for myself!
    As far as gift suggestions, how about a good chat, a cup of tea, and a game of cards. I can think of nothing better!

  52. Obviously something handmade! πŸ™‚ Have you considered maybe a book on tape or cd for them? I guess it just depends on if their sight is bad or not, but sometimes it's something that people overlook. There are a lot of old radio shows and stuff on cd/tape too which might be sweet and nostalgic for the person. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!:)

  53. Cool giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!
    As for b-day presents, how about a photo book (creating the digital ones is so much fun!) or a memory/album quilt. You can do cool things with photo transfers onto fabric.

  54. Oh wow! I had no idea that you could use something to make shapes while bleaching fabric. I just assumed that it would bleed through the whole fabric since it's wet and fabric absorbs. Now I'm dying to try this.

    I bet a woman who has lived that long really doesn't want or need anything material and would really adore having a young grandchild or lots of other family spending quality time with them.


  55. Okay, here is my birthday suggestion. Last year I had family members write a one page note to our Aunt who turned 94. I tried to give everyone a piece of stationary and gave them a deadline to have the note back to me. I put them all in a scrapbook that I found at JoAnn's, decorated the pages with stickers and with pictures that I already had from other family functions. She loved it. And for an older person, it is something they can look at over and over and read the notes. It did not take a lot of time or money, but it seems like a very memorable gift. Someone said they did not know what to write. I told them all they had to write was I Love You. But everyone wrote more then that. Hope this is a helpful suggestion.

  56. Well I'll suggest a bath chair, not all the people think about that, also a nice dress with jewellery and special shoes to match, a lipstick or lip gloss, and body cremes, dry skin cremes would be awesome, if she doesn't have the dry skin, it helps to decrease it it happens. When's the date of the birthday of the sweet lady?, because my bday's around the corner, do I look excited?, lol. Love your giveaway

  57. Wow, now that is COOL!
    I just brought my 98-yr old grandmother a potted orchid in a pot handmade by my daughter for Mother's Day. I try not to give her "stuff" because she's been clearing house "getting ready" (she's so practical!) for YEARS!
    However, upon receiving her plant last week, she says: "Susie, you're always giving me things I need to take card of!" (guilty as charged – it's usually flowers or plants or fruit or ?)
    Duh. Never thought of it like that. I think the gifts she enjoyed the most were 1. I took off work and spent the day chatting with her and my mom and planting her flower garden (hands down my favorite just-because "gift" – more a gift to me than her perhaps?) and 2. she LOVED a gift certificate to the grocery store I got her once (see, she IS practical!)
    thanks for the giveaway and great crafty idea!

  58. I'm sure getting some shapes would give me the incentive to start learning how to dye fabric, I know so many yarn dyers.

    My MIL had her 80th birthday a few months ago. I made her a quilt (she's a fantastic sewer but doesn't quilt), she LOVED it and proudly phoned me up tonight to tell me that it was finally cold enough to start using it. We are in the Southern Hemisphere. I figure you can never have too many quilts, it will get used, and eventually passed back to either me or one of my kids (here's hoping that's a long time away).

  59. Oh wow I would so love to win these for my dye projects, I saw a show about this once on a quilt program.
    my mom turned 82, she is a quilter so I always buy her a gift certif. to her favorite quilt shop

  60. What a great idea! I've never heard of using shapes like this before.
    When my mom got up in age, she loved to receive framed photos of her children and grandchildren. She also requested that the photos she accumulated during her lifetime be placed in an album. She died before that could happen. Another thing she also enjoyed receiving cassette tapes of her favorite songs. I guess CDs are more appropriate these days.

  61. It is humorous that your post says "I like chimes" … because so does my 79 year old mother and that is what I hung in her pergola … and today I bought her a yellow knockout rose to plant in "Mama's Garden". Thank you for these giveaway prizes. I've enjoyed your posts on dying fabric and the fresh modern quilts discussions. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  62. I've had success with cut flowers. I like to wrap the vase in a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric (secured with double-stick tape). And a ribbon if I'm feeling fancy πŸ™‚

  63. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but I've never seen that before. Could be very interesting! Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. Hm, interesting. As for gifts, I'd say something practical but fun, like really fancy dishsoap. My grandma also likes pretty paper napkins that she can bring out for entertaining but doesn't have to wash!

  65. Oh, these are SO cool! I've looked at them before and just haven't quite been brave enough to take the fabric modification to that next level yet.

    As for a gift… Hmm… My grandmother just turn 90 and has a thing for elephants, so I made her a little pair of felt elephants to sit on her bookshelves. Not sure if something like that might be translatable for you needs, though. πŸ™‚

  66. Ohhhhh but I do know what they are for only now I use light wood cutouts–these would be great … so … professional! Thanks for the chance. Sorry, no ideas on the gift.

  67. Oh! What a neat item! I've been meaning to test out overdying and discharging for quite some time, but haven't gotten around to it. This could be just the thing!

  68. OH wow, that is a super tough question. YOu would think that my the time you hit age 82 you pretty much have everything you would ever want. Maybe just your company would be a good gift?

  69. looks interesting (and fun)! πŸ™‚ for an 82-yr-old lady – maybe a night out? or bring entertainment to her? (talent show, movie night/afternoon, that sort of thing) πŸ™‚


  70. Oh I have seen those on Etsy and have read about using them. Hope I win.
    Have you thought about a mini quilt for the lap or maybe a personalised placemat and coaster???

  71. A photobook with pics of all her kids/grandkids in it along with a little note or picture from each? Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. This is very interesting. I would love to try your technique. As for gift for an 82 year old women, I would say photographs of her family. Thanks for the chance to win. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  73. WOW this is a great giveaway.. I think learning this process would be fun and interesting… no idea what I would do with it yet but I know it would fir in well with my other crafts

  74. We got my mother (89 yrs) a Ott light to use when she is working her puzzles. She only needs glasses when she reads, she is still driving and she is a good driver, great health. She loves it.

  75. Love your dyed fabric. Would also love to try this process myself.

    As for the gift….well it depends. Get it? Depends. Oh my it's late.


  76. my mom is 87 – for her birthday i made her a bag/sack that she can carry her tissues, a pen and paper in and of course her candy bar! (crazy wonderful mom)

    would love to win your giveaway…
    thank you.

  77. What a cool giveaway! Would love to experiment with these shapes. Thanks for the chance to win!

    As for gift ideas…my grandmother had a green thumb so I would give her plants instead of fresh cut flowers…good luck with the gift πŸ˜‰

  78. Ooh, I've been wanting to try something like that ever since stumbling on Malka's website some time ago. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    and sorry, no real birthday gift ideas. I just luckily give my 75-year-old mother-in-law crafts from my girls and that seems satisfactory.

  79. I've been wanting to try this technique – thanks for the chance to win these! There's two things that always seem to be a hit with my older female relations/friends: running errands for them or special food/drink gift baskets.

  80. Intriguing! My mom was super pleased when I got her a house cleaning service for her birthday. Thanks for the giveaway! realbeal-at-gmail-dot-com

  81. heres what i did for my moms 93rd b day. i made a wall hanging with fabric art and added a picture of her when she was younger. i made it about 8" by 10" she loved it!!

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