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More on Chain Piecing

I love that there’s a whole vocabulary for this that I never knew.
“Threadsavers” “thread catcher” “threadbunny” “Leaders and enders” “Drive on”

It reminds me of this lovely ABC book I checked out from the library to read to my friend’s 2-year-old.
bend pic
Do you have any recommendations for kid’s story books about quilting/quilts/quilters?

I spent part of today thinking about good projects to piece as “leaders and enders” instead of making and throwing out threadbunnies.  It seems like you’d want a simple pattern for a leaders and enders project.  I’ve started a gallery of ideas that contains mostly quilts that are simple squares or half-square triangles (I would piece the half-square triangles using the sew then cut method.)
If you look at the gallery and have any more  ideas for me, let me know (comment here or on the flickr gallery) and I’ll add the idea to the gallery.

Someone asked if there was a tutorial for chain piecing.  I found this one online:

I must say, her machine is a bit smoother than mine as she’s always able to slip the next piece of fabric under the foot.  I do have to pick up my presser foot a smidge sometimes to put the next piece of fabric onto the feed dogs (sorry, no video capability in my house at the moment!)

Actually, the stack-and-whack blocks that she’s piecing would be suitable for leaders and enders, too.  Hmmm….

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  1. I read to my children Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. Wonderful book! Also – I learned chain piecing in a Log Cabin Quilt class! Makes a log cabin go together very quickly.

  2. The Quiltmaker's Gift is the only one I know (and we have!) so thanks for mentioning it – love all these suggestions!

    And I'm all for a quilter's ABC – but no drawing – I be we can make little quilted depictions of our letters though….

  3. Hi Rossie,
    I highly believe in the leaders and enders philosophy (if it can be called that) as well. Maybe I'm just lazy. But I also like to think i'm working on more than one project at once and you can make a super easy quilt with charm squares (mine are precut 5" squares) and some 2.5" wide sashing strips. Then you can just run those through in between other pieces for another quilt. I actually think I pieced two quilts at once using this technique. i called it the In Between Quilt. I had to do 50 or 60 sets of 4 patches for a Jacob's ladder quilt and I pieced those in between too. I hope that makes sense. I thought i had a little video called the In Between Quilt on my personal blog http://sewgoodsewfar.wordpress.com but I couldn't find it. OK, sorry to ramble. Love your blog!


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