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I was watching a World Cup match on Canadian TV (I’m in the U.S. but close enough to the border to get CBC). The game was scoreless. Just as my friend strolled off into the kitchen to get a beer, I said “oooooooooooo.” He jumped back into the room thinking something exciting had happened (a goal?), but no, I was merely ogling the commentator’s backdrop.

I don’t know anything about this backdrop. I think it’s digital in the TV studio, but I wonder if the original is digital, paper, cloth, paint, or what? It would make a stunning quilt.

In part the backdrop drew my attention because I’ve been playing around with orange dyes lately and those oranges are just the ones I’d like to make myself.

Orange is so ugly/pretty. A very interesting color.

I’ll post more on the technique used to dye these pieces of fabric soon.
The two pieces above are my least favorite from my latest experiments.
This is my favorite.

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  1. I love those! But my favorite is the first picture of your painting… yellow, brown, and orange are my personal colors. 🙂 (although I can't wear them well!)

  2. I am rather jealous… I would so prefer to see many a sporting even on CBC than the US equivalent… (I am still upset over how much beach volleyball I saw during the Summer Olympics…)

  3. The backdrop is actually based off of Soccer City, the main stadium in J-burg, I think. And the stadium design is actually inspired by a calabash.

    I think it is hysterical that you thought this because when I was watching the opening ceremonies I thought exactly the same thing. Seriously, I even tweeted it so it must mean it's true.

  4. I love it that you can find quilt inspiration watching a soccer game! Just shows how inspiration is all around us when we are paying attention.

    Love that black/white fabric!!

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