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green shirt

I’m rarely sew clothing and success when doing so is elusive, but a few weeks ago, when JCasa posted a free pattern for a boatneck shirt  I gave it a try.

I made a muslin (a practice shirt) and it was pretty easy to stitch up, but when I put on the muslin, it was totally unflattering. I just don’t have the right body type for it. 

This is a picture from the pattern.

I think this model looks lovely, but looking at this picture now, I can see why this shirt wouldn’t look good on me.  I have a long torso. My shoulders and hips are broad.  As such, putting a balloon of fabric from my shoulders to hips not only emphasizes the widest parts of my body, it hides the narrowest parts, and it points out my disproportionately long torso.

My mom, by the way, has a short torso, so she’s about 1 inch shorter than me when we are standing at about 4 inches shorter than me when we are sitting.  It’s hilarious.

Anyway, I must have filed away some of the information gained by trying to make the shirt, because a week later, I realized that I could probably accomplish something that would be flattering if I just changed a few things about the pattern. I decided to try and make a shirt that was halfway between JCasa’s Undaunted pattern (pictured above)  and this store-bought black shirt which I’ve owned for a few years.

The key: buying some stretchy t-shirt fabric & relaxing the neckline.
The result was pretty great if I do say so myself!

This is the first one I made.  It’s a bit too small around, making it obvious when I’ve had a big lunch (or, you know, a summer of big lunches).  Today, I’m going to see if I can find big t-shirts at Value World and then make some shirts that are a little bit looser and say funny stuff!

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  1. cute! the fit looks super flattering too. now did you make it on a serger, or your regular machine?

    I'm tragically short-waisted with humongo nursing boobs, so I struggle with shirts fitting correctly. I might need to get brave enough to try to make my own.

  2. That looks really great. I think that sort of neckline is soft and feminine. When you alter a large T shirt to make another can you please show us how you did it?

  3. Awesome shirt, I love that colour and the style looks fantastic on you. I guess you didn't have a big lunch that day cause you look fairly flat to me!!!

  4. That is darling and you look darling in it, wish I could still wear things like that, aw but you know what they say about getting old, it is true. LOL

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