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lights, action, CAMERA!

Yep, it happened!  I got a new camera!

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered from the shop during the sale.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Between what I had saved and what I made on the sale, I could have replaced my Rebel XT with something comparable (the Rebel XS or XSi, they don’t make the XT anymore).  But, I’ve been feeling the limits of the XT for a while now, and had been saving in part so that I could upgrade to something with a little more power.  Specifially: the.Canon EOS Rebel T1i.  I wanted video.  More auto-focus points.  The ability to use the LCD on the back as the viewfinder.  So, still no need for a professional SLR, but a little upgrade!
Being short a few hundred smackeroos, I was feeling angsty and indecisive over whether I could wait a few months to earn the cash for the upgrade or if I should just buy the replacement that I could already afford.  I was actually kind of suffering (so dramatic!) and then telling myself to stop being a spoiled brat about it (there are wars!  very bad diseases!  people are going hungry! stop whining about a stupid camera!) 

Thankfully, when I complained to a friend about my (a) camera predicament and (b) having to live with my own brattishness, she pointed out that since there was a $100 rebate that was going to expire on July 31 the only reasonable solution was to ask my parents to celebrate Christmas in July.  Honestly, I think the last time I asked my parents for money was in 1997 when I needed a refill on my campus cash for dormitory food.  Ha!  As it turns out, my dad was more than happy to buy me half-a-camera for Christmas, six months early.  Yay for dads!  I kind of went “full brat,” what with asking my daddy for money, but I seem to have it out of my system now. I certainly hope so, I was insufferable.  Barf.

I haven’t had much time to play with the new camera as yet, but I did pick up a UV filter for the lens that came in the kit (a UV filter protects the lens and the camera, I have one on each of my lenses).

I went an appliance shop in town that has photography gear only to discover that they eliminated that section a couple of years ago.  This meant that I had to hop one town west to get the filter.  Not a big deal except that the camera store in Dexter is one of my favorite places in the world and VERY DANGEROUS to my wallet.  They have bins and bins of used gear that I love digging through.

There is a $10 Polaroid land camera in this pile.  I kid you not.

I managed to resist the land camera and bought only this vintage Gossen Super Pilot light meter ($2) and the necessary filter ($19).   I don’t know if the light meter works or not–I’ll need to get a battery and try it out–but I figure it will make a super-sweet paperweight if nothing else.

Or I could pretend it is a truth-meter and point it at the unwary.

And then tell them, “f-stop lying!”

Thanks all for the compliments on the green shirt.  I made an upcycled version and it came out pretty well.

I will post an directions on how to do these sometime in the coming week.  But to answer some of your questions:  no, I do not have a serger, I just used a straight stitch on my regular sewing machine.  The first green shirt is made from fabric I got on sale from Jo-Ann’s.  That fabric has quite a bit of spandex in it, so its clingy and has a weight to it.  The t-shirt above is made from 100% cotton, so it’s a bit easier to wear, though I don’t like the neckline quite as much with this fabric…something that might be fixable in the pattern, I’m going to see with the next one I make!

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