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All wrapped up!

On Tuesday the quilt was wrapped up in secrecy…

then taken to Grandma’s where my cousin Stinky tore into the box…

to reveal her graduation quilt!

Stinky was pretty pleased with it.  As she should be, given that she picked some of the fabrics.  And…

it matches her room!

By the way, this is the long shot on her room:


Okay, let’s try it in the guest room at her house for a [much tidier]  side view…

I’ve taken to referring to this variation on the log cabin as “particle board cabin” because of all the little pieces I joined to make up each piece of the “walls.”

Squaring up blocks this big is a feat of engineering.  I took a few snaps of how I did it and will share that part of the process soon!

It is labelled on the front, with a strip of written-upon fabric (look in the above photo, bottom right corner).

The quilting is similar to the DoublePlusGood Quilt–hexagons and extra lines, done by Bernie.
The back is an awesome print from Tula Pink’s Full Moon Forest line.  I bought 10 yards of this several years ago when I spotted it on sale for $4/yard. I chose to use it on this quilt because Stinky likes stripes and nature.

The binding is a yellow wood grain print that I picked out the other day.

I’m very pleased with this quilt and proud to have finished off the tradition of graduation quilts for my Grandma–Stinky is her youngest grandchild, so we’re done!

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  1. That's a beauty! Love your color combo and how you put all those small squares into a log cabin style block. I would be sad to part with this one!
    ; )

  2. Lucky Stinky! Also, glad you'll be posting tips. I'm finishing some blocks of large sqares and can use all the help I can get!

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