Dye Day

I’m going on a retreat with the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild.  On my list of quilt tops I’d like to finish is one called the “full stops” quilt.  This was begun ages ago…inspired by a collage by Anna Betts, which she calls “full stops” because she’s English and thus has better words for things like trunk, cookie, and period.

(I asked her permission. She said yes.)

I’ve been making the full stops using itajime shibori.  Basically, sandwiching fabric between acrylic circles and then dying them.  The acrylic shapes prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric they cover. I sell the shapes in my etsy shop, but it has been a few months since I played with them myself.

Well, in order to work on and hopefully finish the quilt on the retreat, I needed to whip up some more full stops, so I clamped up some fabric…

Pulled out my dye…

Made the dye baths…

And after waiting a bit had some beautiful pieces that I can’t wait to make into patchwork!

By the way, if you’re interested in the dye process, my basic dye tutorial is here: http://www.rossiecrafts.com/2010/02/preparing-dye-ba.html

Information on effective use of the plexi shapes is shipped with every order from my etsy shop.

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    1. It is neither too difficult or a lot of work. It is like one of those recipes that, after you've done it once gets a lot easier. it's also one that involves maybe 30 minutes of prep, but 3 hours cooking time. 🙂 it is almost totally purely fun to me.

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