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More quilts from the Greek Plus Puss pattern

I am super excited to share with ya’ll the quilts that my pattern testers made while I was working on my pattern for the Greek Plus Puss quilt.

I love pattern testers!  They are invaluable for finding typos, pointing out places where the instructions are lacking, and, perhaps best of all, making the quilt in a wide variety of fabrics that really show off the potential in the pattern.  Everyone has their own taste and sense of color and seeing each quilter channel their individuality through my pattern is a real joy.

I’ve actually been a little overwhelmed about posting these quilts as I want to make sure to do them justice. I’ve had a bit of writer’s block because the task seemed important and large. So, I’ve decided to share some of the tester’s quilts today and some another time.  Breaking large tasks down into more doable bits is so often the answer, don’t you think?

As a bonus, since I’ve given myself more space and time, and since the makers were posting their progress on Instagram, there are progress photos for me to show you, rather than just “done!” photos.  I love process posts!

Each photo is linked to the it’s owner’s Instagram account, so you can find the maker easily.

Let’s begin.

Dyan pulled an awesome stack of fabrics (Leah Duncan’s Meadow, I do believe)

And made awesome progress

And posted this shot with some really kind words, “It’s a GREAT pattern. Rossie does all the work for you with the quilty math calculations. It’s a fast and an easy block to put together. Check it out, seriously.”

Karen from CapitolaQuilter shared a number of pictures on Instagram, but also wrote a lovely blog post, which you can find here: http://capitolaquilter.blogspot.com/2014/08/pattern-testing-and-winning.html

My pattern includes instructions for keeping directional prints flowing the same way, and Karen took the leap and used some directional fabrics to test out that option:

I love the placement of the different hues and values in her blocks.

And she flipped the script when she flipped the placement of the fabrics with some of her final blocks. Such dynamic and beautiful work!

Sharing just a single block so far, but boy is is promising, is Kim, a friend from Camp Stitchalot.  Show us some more, Kim!

Amy went bright with her blocks.  Aren’t they beautiful?  She says, “I saw lots of low volume with the testers, so I thought I would go bright, bright, bright. The pattern is fun and comes together quickly.”

I want her to finish it up and then take it to this stunning building for a photo shoot!

Alright, that’s it for tonight.  See you soon!


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  1. I love your pattern and really like "amysews" fabric selection. Do you recognize the designer or know which fabrics she used? I'd love to make a similar quilt, especially using those fabrics. They look vintage to me. Love the colors.

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