Poolside Tote For Kelly

Poolside Totes 4eva

When I made my first Poolside Tote from the pattern by Anna Graham / Noodlehead  in 2014, I blogged about it.

18 months later, I still use that tote all the time!  I love it!

Poolside Tote

Poolside Tote for Rossie

And I’ve made three more totes since then and given them as gifts!


Poolside Tote for Elaine


Poolside Tote for Catherine


Poolside Tote for Kelly

Poolside Tote for Kelly


These were all given as gifts and the fabrics were selected to match their recipients.  It’s a lot of fun to pick out the fabrics, Jon even joined in and selected the fabrics for his mom and sister.  This is a great bag for beginners as the instructions are very clear and there’s no tricky “turn everything inside out” part.  I don’t think I’m ever going to stop making these (in fact I have another one cut out!)

I am now keen to try Anna’s new pattern for the Makers Tote.  I think it will be great for carrying hand-sewing projects around!




Is anyone else making bags this week?  What’s your favorite pattern?



The links in this post are not affiliate links; I paid for my copy of the Poolside Tote pattern; however, the pattern designer is a friend of mine and she sent me the Makers Tote pattern as a gift.

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