Group Quilts at QuiltCon

My name appeared on two quilts in this year’s Quilt Con show. Both quilts were made in a group.

This one, Mistwraith, is just about my favorite thing that I had my hand in last year!


Here’s the sign that went along with it!

mistwraith label

The author I mention has written a lot of books, perhaps my favorite is the first book in the Mistborn series (affiliate link, but your library almost certainly has this book!)  That book is also where our dog got her name!  As for the sign, it took forever to whittle down my explanation of the title Mistwraith to the allowed word count, but I got there eventually. What had to get clipped was the explanation that most (perhaps all, I can’t be certain what bee members used for their contributions) of the fabric used in this quilt was scraps & there are also multiple sections where orphan blocks and random bits of already pieced fabric were used.  Also, the quilt has wool batting and a velveteen back…it is amazing to snuggle under.

This second quilt, Enthusiasm, was a tremendous amount of fun to make with four of my dearest friends. We made this all together in a single session.


Normally, I would tell you a lot more about these quilts and the process of making them, but the fact is that if you want that story, you need to get your hands on a copy of Quilt Con magazine!


I wrote an article for them about making improv quilts in a group. I describe the different methods that produced these quilts and give some tips on organizing and/or participating in making group quilts.  You can buy the magazine here or you may be able to find it at book stores & fabric shops (last year’s was everywhere!)

Here’s the cover, so you know what you are looking for…


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  1. I love them both and I’m looking forward to receiving the magazine and reading all about their consruction!

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