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Simple Plus Block – with tutorial

A plus quilt. Simple, attractive, and timeless.  I recently whipped up this quilt for a loved one who was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted her to have something made with love to take with her to chemo (I hear it is ALWAYS cold.) I wanted the quilt to be simple enough that I could finish it quickly and she’d have it with her from day one, with zero qualms about truly using it and washing it as much as she needs.  I like the plus symbol for its links to positivity and as a symbol of health.

I was on a quilting retreat last weekend and took with me a pile of fabrics and a loose plan for a comfort quilt. The fabrics I used are mostly Anna Maria Horner prints from a variety of lines, but especially Mod Corsage (which I just spotted at Craftsy’s 60% Off Supply sale). My pile of fabrics was mostly warm tones (red, orange, brown, purple) and a few cool turquoise prints. (Color nerds: I realize purple isn’t always considered a warm color, but that’s how I used it.) I cut the prints into 3.5″ squares and made blocks using the following diagram:

This quilt goes together very quickly. I completed this quilt top, from cutting to piecing, in one evening.  As you can see, I did not include the right-hand strip of squares on the right-hand column of blocks.

Once back home, I loaded the quilt top onto my Baby Lock Coronet. I used a pink thread and quilted using a variation of Leah Day’s Square Spiral Design (find her tutorial through the link). This design works well for both long-arm and domestic machine quilting.

The back of the quilt is a Heather Ross lawn fabric. I thought the extra softness and silkiness might be especially nice for a comfort quilt.

I made the binding from extra strips of the lovely “wink” print from Birch fabrics; those fabrics are included in the quilt and echo the “plus” motif. I washed and dried the quilt before giving it.

And I gave the quilt to my loved one on Tuesday. I think 5 days from start to finish might be a quilting record for me!  Below, you will find a PDF with the steps I used to efficiently make this quilt so that you might follow them when you are in need of a quick quilt for any reason.  Use a scant 1/4-inch seam and press seams between each step.

The block works well for scraps, since you just need 3.5″ squares of all fabrics except the white.

Simple Plus Block Instructions

**This post contains affiliate links. Some tools and fabrics were provided to me at no charge in exchange for publicity. All opinions are genuine.

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  1. This quilt radiates love and comfort! Sometimes the simple patterns yield the most beautiful of quilts. Thanks for sharing it and the block tutorial for making it!

  2. Wonderful post! Pictures are great. Loved the narrative. And the diagrams and tutorial are terrific! I will definitely be doing this one! Thanks, Rossie!

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