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Retreat Movies (or Retreat Mentality on any day!)

What makes the perfect movie to play at a quilt retreat?

Over the last few years, with the help of my guild mates, I have settled on a few favorites:

(1) Dirty Dancing is an all-time favorite.  Overall a fun tone and the music is great! Good as background noise, great to watch!

(2) Pitch Perfect is another fun, music-driven movie.

3. Pitch Perfect 2.  It’s not as funny as the original, but its still a perfect retreat movie.

4. Austenland.  I grabbed this one from the library on my way to our last retreat and it was a great success.  No music, but very fun overall tone and easy to follow.

I also brought Footloose to the last retreat, thinking it might work, but the tense politics of the town and the teens beating each other up wasn’t quite the right tone. Other movies that haven’t worked well:  Waitress has a happy ending, but is overall depressing and not fun to have on.  Pirates of the Caribbean made way too much discordant noise!

Next time, I want to try out Sister Act and Strictly Ballroom–both are fun and musical, I’d like to see if they work!

I suspect that About Time would be too plot-driven to work, but it’s a lovely movie and the tone is right!  Maybe at a small retreat.

Do you have any favorites to recommend?

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  1. “Green Card” with Andi McDowell and Gerard Depardieu; “French Kiss” with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline…good rom-coms for a retreat, even if they are a little “retro”.

  2. Don’t think I had ever seen Dirty Dancing until a AAMQG retreat with you! Don’t forget the bizzare lavender ladies? one…

  3. We’ve successfully watched and multi tasked to The Proposal and 13 Going on 30. I got pretty sidetracked because, well, Mark Ruffalo, but that may just be me. Still moderately productive. I love your list and rationales! I wonder if Pretty Woman would work?

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