What follows is a list of my favorite quilting products.  If you see a (*) next to a company’s name, that means I have some affiliation with them.  This means that they are paying me to promote their product and/or are providing me with their products for free. I have only entered into affiliations with companies whose products I truly love, so you can trust that I use and adore the products listed here.


Thread for piecing:

Thread for quilting:

Best Press (I use the unscented and I cut it with 1 part Best Press/1 part water)
Niagara non-aerosol spray starch

Quilter’s Dream (I like all their battings: cotton, poly, and wool!)

I use quilt shop quality fabrics from a variety of shops and manufacturers.  On the rare occasions that I am given free fabric, I note that in the blog posts.


Rotary cutter:
Olfa’s standard 45mm cutter

Favorite ruler:
6.5” x 24” ruler

Favorite tool for squaring up blocks:
*Martelli Round-About (a round cutting mat on a lazy susan)

Shark Steam Iron ($25 from Costco)

Die cutter:
*Accuquilt Baby
*Accuquilt Go


*Baby Lock Jane.  This is my most used machine.   This is the machine I picked out for myself when I partnered up with Baby Lock in 2015.  I am affiliated with Baby Lock.  The Jane is an all-mechanical, straight-stitch only machine.  I love its large harp, the up/down needle, and the automatic thread cutter. It’s super fast, makes beautiful stitches, and is an absolute dream to sew on.

Singer Featherweight 221.  This is my travel machine.  This was my grandmother’s machine.  It’s all-mechanical and straight-stitch only.  It’s very quiet and light and perfect for travelling. This is what I take on retreats or if I want to sew in front of the fire instead of up in my studio.  The stitches are beautiful.

Janome TB-12.  This used to be my main machine and is now my back-up.  This is a machine I bought for myself in 2010 (I paid $200 beause I found a great sale, but it’s a $500 machine).  Like my other machines, it’s all mechanical; unlike them, it has a variety of stitches.  I pull out this machine when I need to sew a zig-zag or a button hole.  It’s also my back-up in case the others need servicing.  I have quilted many quilts on it and it served me very well when it was my main machine.


Dye and other chemicals:
*Dharma Trading Co Fiber Reactive Dye (a procion dye)

*r0ssie.etsy.com  (that’s my own shop!)

Check out my page dedicated to my top choices: Quilting Book Guide


Hulu Plus – I keep up with current shows & enjoy their archive of movies and older television

Netflix – I love to watch TV series while I work!

Audio books – I check these out from my local library & stream using Audible.

Spotify – My choice for streaming music!


I am affiliated with Creative Bug and Craftsy, which I why I can sometimes offer you coupons to their classes or have advance notice of special sales (which I pass on to you as soon as I am allowed.) If you link from me to them, I do get a sales commission.

I participate in the Amazon Associates program, whereby I earn a small percentage of all sales made via links through this site.  I love Amazon and used to work for them when I was fresh out of college; however, I totally understand and expect people to use the information that I post about books to use that information when shopping at local bookstores and using the library—shopping local and being thrifty is awesome.

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